Secret History of the Five Eyes

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By Richard Kerbaj


February 25, 2025


Phil Gurski
President/ CEO, Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting


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Richard Kerbaj, an award-winning investigative journalist and filmmaker, bypasses the usual censorship channels to tell the definitive account of authoritative but unauthorised stories of the Western world’s most powerful but least known intelligence alliance made up of the US, Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. As Kerbaj shows, spy stories are never better than when they are true — and these span from 1930s Nazi spy rings to the most recent developments in Ukraine and China.

Through personal interviews with world leaders – including British Prime Ministers Theresa May and David Cameron – and more than 100 intelligence officials, this book explores the complex personalities who helped shape the Five Eyes.  Richard Kerbaj is able to draw from deep inside the secret corridors of power and his unparalleled access spans all 5 countries. Some of the people he has interviewed include former GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban, CIA director General David Petraeus, MI5 director-general Eliza Manningham-Buller, NSA director Admiral Mike Rogers, British National Security Advisor Kim Darroch, ASIO chief Mike Burgess, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s chief Richard Fadden, and Ciaran Martin, the official who oversaw Britain’s assessments on whether the Chinese telecoms firm, Huawei, should have had a role in the creation of the UK’s 5G network.