The Age Of Fentanyl: Ending The Opioid Epidemic

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The Age Of Fentanyl: Ending The Opioid Epidemic

By Brodie Ramin


January 30, 2024


Rob Boyd
CEO of Ottawa Inner City Health


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The opioid epidemic is real, growing, and in many parts of Canada is killing more people than COVID. In his empathetic presentation of the personal causes of addiction and an excellent survey of potential policy measures to deal with supply and treatment, Ramin makes a real contribution to the understanding of the issues and the enormous challenges (legal, ethical, political) involved in resolving the crisis. The Age of Fentanyl is especially strong in describing the evolution of the opioid epidemic and discusses “treatments” from both medical and social viewpoints. He is particularly successful in making the medical explanations accessible and juxtaposing those with policy recommendations. His personal experience on the front lines, and combination of individual stories with the rationale for some potentially difficult policy recommendations (i.e., de-criminalization, safe drug use centres) make the book recommended reading for police, physicians, social service providers, and everyone involved in drug and addiction policy.