Stand on Guard- Reassessing Threats to Canada’s National Security

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Stand on Guard: Reassessing Threats to Canada’s National Security

By Stephanie Carvin


February 27, 2024


Stephanie Carvin
Associate Professor of International Affairs, Carleton University


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At a time when threats to our security and values are becoming more menacing every day, Stephanie Carvin’s book is extraordinarily timely. Accessible, with a minimum of acronyms that characterize the field of intelligence, she describes the different facets of Canada’s policies on security intelligence, and strengths and weaknesses of the various agencies involved. Carvin covers economic espionage, cyber terrorism, and does a deep dive into clandestine foreign influence. She argues that Canada has largely turned a blind eye to this threat. She points out that national security has evolved from espionage and acts of physical terrorism to a modern approach across many fronts, and that Canadian policies have, worryingly, not kept pace.